Building an Outremer 51, step by step report.

If you don’t know what is an Outremer 51, I invite you to visit the Outremer website

Moby, our outremer 51 is the hull #39 of the outremer 49/51 series.

The construction started at the end of May 2015 and the planned delivery date is for the 15th of January 2016.

The nice thing about outremer is that the customer gets photos of the builing process on a regular basis. These regular updates not only helped me keeping my patience during the 7 months, but were very interesting to understand the process and get familiar with the systems architecture and layout, plumbing, wiring, etc. It is inherent to long distance sailing that one day, a fault or a maintenance action, will require the removal of a panel. Just having an idea of what you are going to find behind is a plus!

The photos below show the differents steps of the building process:

  1. The molds for the hull, in 3 parts   
  2. Gelcoat, fiber glass in the mold    
  3. Preparation for the infusion process    
  4. Carbon fiber bulkheads    
  5. Hull parts and bulkheads assembly        
  6. Time to get the hull out of the mold          
  7. Then starts the long process of wiring, plumbing, tanks, interior furnitures fitting                      
  8. The deck in its mold initially, then taken out before being fitted to the hull      
  9. It looks like an outremer 51 now!      
  10. The work continues, inside and outside                                    

One more blog…why?

Well, why not?
Bénédicte and I decided that a blog would be nice to keep a link with the family and friends, during our sailing trip on Moby.
So we decided to start it, so that the blog would be ready for the launch of Moby, scheduled for the begining of December 2015.

Bénédicte had a look at what was available for people like us, not particularly used to publishing on the web. After a bit of research, we opted for wordpress, that seemed to be user friendly enough for us. We spend a couple of hours trying to figure out the basics of editing a post, and launched mobyvoyage website and blog. The site is in the testing phase now, and hopefully both the content and look will improve as we get to grips with wordpress.